March 19, 2021- Noblesville, IN- Nexxt Spine, LLC a leading developer, manufacturer, and distributor of spinal solutions is proud to announce that the company has reached the milestone of over 11,000 NEXXT MATRIXX® 3D printed porous interbody products sold.

“Showcasing technology unique to the NEXXT MATRIXX® line of products, the interbody systems are centered around an intentionally engineered 3D laser printed titanium implant.” noted Andy Elsbury, President of Nexxt Spine. “With the assistance of surgeon advisors and in-house proprietary manufacturing, NEXXT MATRIXX® line of products utilize five core pillars for a successful fusion and surgery when designing interbody implants”.

The NEXXT MATRIXX® five pillars are comprised of:

Pillar 1 – Varied pore openings of 300, 500, and 700μm designed to support vascularization and osteogenesis.

Pillar 2 – 7μm surface roughness designed to increase osteoblast differentiation, production of angiogenic factors, and surface osteointegration.

Pillar 3 – 75% Porous, open titanium architecture developed for increased volume for potential boney in-growth, greater surface area and nutrient exchange.

Pillar 4 – Modulus of elasticity engineered to be comparable to PEEK devices leading to a more physiological product.

Pillar 5 – 700μm A/P and lateral lattice geometry designed to provide robust radiographic imaging unimpeded by reducing overall titanium material and device density.

The NEXXT MATRIXX® line of products are designed for varying anatomies and surgical approaches including recent launches of the NEXXT MATRIXX® Lateral, ALIF, and Stand Alone ALIF interbody systems. “Rapid surgeon adoption of Nexxt Spine’s NEXXT MATRIXX® portfolios are a direct result of our commitment to constantly innovate and develop products designed to optimize spinal fusion procedures.” noted Jim Abraham, Chief Operating Officer of Nexxt Spine.

For more information contact James Abraham, Chief Operating Officer: | 317-436-7801


About Nexxt Spine: Founded in 2009, Nexxt Spine LLC is a privately held manufacturer of spinal implants and instrumentation headquartered in Noblesville, IN.  Nexxt Spine manufactures their own product lines in-house therefore offering exceptional quality, American-made implants, hardware, and custom instrumentation for a range of spinal implant needs.  For more information, visit