Noblesville, IN March 18, 2022 / OrthoSpineNews / – Nexxt Spine, LLC, a leader in 3D Printed Porous Titanium spinal implants, is a medical device company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets products for the surgical treatment of spinal disorders. They have begun a full market launch of a truly novel stand-alone ALIF system for the stabilization of the spine.  This system, according to Nexxt Spine, will make it easier to adapt to a patient’s anatomy and the surgeon’s requirements.

To begin with, explains Nexxt Spine president Andy Elsbury, “NEXXT MATRIXX® Stand Alone ALIF has the ability to fuse as opposed to just being a support structure. The system is available in 2mm height increments from 10mm-20mm and footprints of 24Dx32W, 27Dx36W, 30Dx40W to precisely fit each patient, which has surgeons excited.”

“We designed the NEXXT MATRIXX® Stand Alone ALIF system to give surgeon users several distinct benefits for the unique challenges associated with stand-alone ALIF procedures, which sets this system apart from traditional stand-alone ALIF systems.”

According to the company, The NEXXT MATRIXX® Stand Alone ALIF Interbody devices possess:

  • Anatomically matched profile designed to provide appropriate endplate coverage and placement on apophyseal rim for stability.
  • Ample graft window balanced with lattice landscape designed to create environment for bone growth and is based on published data.
  • Multiple lordotic options to restore or maintain spinopelvic parameters and lordosis
    • 8°, 14°, 20° standard in the set
    • 25° provided upon request
  • Integrated one-step turn lock feature to prevent screw backout.
  • Instrumentation designed to allow for placement of the cage from three (3) distinct approach angles:
    • Straight Inserter for traditional placement of the interbody
    • Cranial/Caudal Angled Inserter (15°) where the iliac crest or ribs prohibit straight insertion of the interbody
    • Oblique Inserter for approaches anterior to the psoas (20°)

NEXXT MATRIXX®, of course, is manufactured using the NEXXT Spine’s proprietary technology of intentionally engineered 3D laser printed titanium devices which utilizes the 5 Core Pillars for a successful fusion:

  1. Varying pore sizes of 300µm, 500µm, and 700µm to support vascularization and osteogenesis.
  2. A 75% open porous structure to increase surface area for nutrient exchange and potential volume for boney in-growth.
  3. A 7µm micro-roughened surface to increase osteoblast differentiation, production of angiogenic factors, and surface osteointegration.
  4. An integral modulus of elasticity engineered to be comparable to PEEK devices leading to a more physiological product.
  5. 700 µm A/P and lateral lattice geometry to provide robust, unimpeded radiographic imaging by reducing overall titanium material and device density.

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Media Contact:
Paul Simonetti
Nexxt Spine
Marketing Manager