Written by Susan Spinasanta

The past six months have been a period of remarkable growth for Nexxt Spine, LLC, and despite COVID-19, the company’s success continues strong. SpineUniverse wanted to know what sets this innovative implant design and manufacturing company apart from its competition. We posed the question to James Abraham, who recently joined the company’s executive team as Chief Operating Officer.

Nexxt Spine ALIF and Lateral interbody devices

FDA granted clearance on Nexxt Spine ALIF and Lateral Systems. Image courtesy of Nexxt Spine, LLC.

Nexxt Spine has been “built from the ground up as a company that’s staying in the business of innovating spinal implants and instruments for the long-term,” Mr. Abraham stated. Located in Noblesville, IN, the company designs and manufactures 100% of its spinal implants and 95% of its instruments inhouse. The company started as a manufacturer and moved into distribution that is really its mainstay as a differentiator. From design concept throughout all phases of development to end product, retaining control from start to finish is another Nexxt Spine advantage.

A retrospect of the company’s 10-year history demonstrates careful foresight leading to remarkable milestones including product use by 600+ surgeons nationwide, doubling facility size, purchase of 7 laser beam printers, and acquiring top talent to fill new positions supporting product demand today and tomorrow. Financially solid, Nexxt Spine owns their facilities and equipment. Mr. Abraham related that when a surgeon considers a spinal device, he [she] looks at the company too. It’s great to use new and innovative products but making sure the company has longevity is important too.

Nexxt Spine LLC laser beam printers

Image courtesy of Nexxt Spine, LLC.

“In terms of Nexxt Matrixx® technology, we differentiate ourselves by having sound science behind each 3D printed titanium interbody device. Strategically chosen triple pore sizes (300, 500 and 700μm) coupled with a modulus of elasticity lower than PEEK, microroughened surface technology and a 75% porous lattice has commanded industry attention.”

In April 2020, Nexxt Spine announced its first case following FDA approval of its Nexxt Matrixx® Corpectomy System utilizing the company’s uniquely engineered 3D printed porous titanium corpectomy cage. This novel corpectomy system compliments the company’s broad product line with overlapping capabilities. Last week, the company announced it received FDA approval of its ALIF and Lateral Systems with Fall product launches. “We are always looking at new technologies, reviewing material science, and building out our product line to offer a broader array of products to exceed surgeon expectations and improve patient care,” said Mr. Abraham.